The Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The “New” Friends of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse was established in summer of 2007 when the State of Delaware, the legal owner of the lighthouse, asked Winnie Lewis to organize a new group of volunteers to continue the devoted and diligent guardianship begun by the original “Friends of the Lighthouse” with Paul Pepper in 1982.  Winnie Lewis, herself being a granddaughter of a former lighthouse keeper, accepted the challenge.

Our small group worked together through the winter of 2008 to prepare for our first full Spring/Summer season, which broke records both for number of visitors and total donations!  Each year sees an increase in visitors and donations, however, volunteers have been a bit hard to come by causing us to decrease hours of operation.

The “New Friends” accomplished many wonderful things in our first year with the help of many volunteers and local civic groups.  Along with many updates to signs, information pamphlets and a new website; we also made needed improvements to safety, and to landscape beautification. Your help is needed to continue this great work, please join us! 

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse has long been an important landmark along the Delaware coast.  Its historical significance remains, even if its utility as a navigational aid is past.  It should be maintained as an important link to Delaware’s maritime history.” Governor Pete DuPont, February 1979

The 150th Anniversary of the official lighting the Fenwick Island Lighthouse on August 1, 1859 was marked with a huge celebration on August 1, 2009. Our group has been growing steadily and attracting more and more interested people. Many more great ideas and improvements are waiting to begin, we need your help and donations. Donations, or questions regarding donations of money or property, please contact Winnie Lewis, President of the New Friends.

If you would like to volunteer to welcome visitors and share information about the history of the lighthouse, please contact Winnie Lewis, Volunteer Coordinator, she will give you all the details.


  • Winnie Lewis – President
  • Kathy Lesperanch – Vice President
  • Donna Schwartz – Secretary
  • Tracy Lewis – Treasurer

Our Mailing Address:

“New” Friends of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse
P.O. Box 1001
Selbyville, DE 19975

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