Posted by: Donna | May 18, 2011

those yearly preparations…

A beautiful day to breathe fresh air and wash a few windows…

Opening Day, May 21, 2011  is just days away!  Mother’s Day afternoon was spent sweeping the red brick dust off all the inside steps and dusting the railings while Louie cleaned the lens and windows around the lens… meanwhile,Tracy unpacked and set up the “gift shop,” and Jill took some pictures of all this busy action in preparation for another summer season! The Fenwick Island Lighthouse will be 152 years old August 1, 2011…



  1. Do you have a tax deductable status so I donate to your lighthouse?

  2. I have a question. I have a friend that is coming into town that is from the midwest and has never seen a lighthouse before. We live in Columbia, MD. I was wondering, I know there are no tours and you can’t go up in it this time of year, but can we at least take her there and get close to the lighthouse??

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